Barry Jenkins

Chief Marketing Officer at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate
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Barry began his career at the age of 18, and has spanned almost two decades. He currently runs a team in Virginia Beach, VA & he’s also The CMO of Better Homes and Gardens NAGR. His real estate teams sold just under 900 units last year and is ranked #9 on the Real Trends to 1,000 teams in America .He is also a full-time Executive at Ylopo with the title of “Head Realtor in Residence” where he trains their customers; assists with product development & platform evangelism for them as well.

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  • Some people think lying, cheating and manipulating are the only ways to make sales. I'm living proof that isn't true! My experiences demonstrate you can be very successful in sales while being passionately consumed with bettering the client experience.

    15 May 2022