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Business Development Manager at IMEC
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Bart Onsia is business development manager for imec's solid state battery and thin-film PV research. Bart holds a degree in chemical engineering and has almost 20 years of experience in advanced semiconductor research and its valorization. He started his career with Bayer as a production manager before joining imec in 1999 as a researcher. In 2007, he became business program manager, first boosting the local industrial impact of imec’s energy research and next becoming responsible for business development of imec’s battery and thin-film R&D.

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  • There’s a lot of research on carbon capture and storage, but we're already investigating the next step: how can we re-use this carbon? Plants capture CO2 from the air and convert it into hydrocarbons. In fact, we want to do the same, but more efficiently. The molecules in 'Power-to-Molecules' can refer to either a gas or a liquid. These can be fuels such as hydrogen, methanol or ethanol, but also compounds like ethylene or syngas that can be used as basic components for the chemical industry, to make polymers for instance.

    10 January 2021
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