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CEO at Rank Secure
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Baruch Labunski is an entrepreneur, internet marketing expert and author from Toronto. He currently serves as CEO of Rank Secure, a web design and internet marketing firm.

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  • Running a business costs money, and not everyone gets a spot on Shark Tank. Clubhouse is one more way you can connect with potential investors, perfect your pitch and possibly even close the deal.
    March 23, 2021

    8 July 2021
  • I quit a good job to start my own business years ago now, but I have never looked back. The result was good, in my case, as I’ve been fortunate enough to have some success. I understand this isn’t always the case, so it’s been a big confidence boost to achieve my goals and be self-reliant. It’s also awesome to be able to build a team and look after clients who appreciate what we do. The takeaway for me has been that it’s always worth giving something a go, and while it's risky to make the move, and things did not always “go to plan,” if you see something through, then you get a good result. It might not be the result you thought, but it’s worth the experience alone. Fortunately, in my case, I am now self-employed and manage my own team. That’s just not possible when working for someone else.
    Oct 16, 2019

    8 July 2021
  • One thing that’s important to get an interview here is a resume that has some tailored content. If you’re not able to speak to how your experience makes you a fit for the company and position, then it’s not likely going to work. A resume should be a story about the candidate, but that story should be tailored to the job and company.
    Dec. 8, 2019

    8 July 2021
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