Bayram Annakov

Founder and CEO at App in the Air
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Bayram is App in the Air's CEO.

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  • Our ultimate vision is to build a personal travel assistant for a frequent flier. Even last year, I flew around 30 times, down from 100 due to the pandemic but still a lot, and I realised two things – firstly, travellers do not want to have multiple apps. Airlines, hotels, flight tracking etc. – this can all be done in one single app. App in the Air is executing on that vision, seeking to provide a single-entry point to all things travel. Secondly, to date, airline and hotel app developers have struggled to meet all the needs of frequent fliers as they are unable to reach a sufficient audience. For instance, they are unwilling to track multiple loyalty programmes within one app, not least due to resistance from in-house marketing teams. But they also question, ‘why should I?’ – this takes time, money and many users will not use it.

    24 March 2021
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