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CEO at Dataweavers
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As a forward-thinking senior executive with a broad base of entrepreneurial and corporate experience, a clear view on business situations and strategies, and a knack for pinpointing lucrative opportunities. Ben is the type of person who dissects business problems and re-engineers them to position a competitive advantage. Early success was when he became a key motivator, and spurred him to achieve more. It began with a technology services company he founded and sold to a global multinational. This formative experience taught Ben about maximising the profit potential of organisations competing with major players.

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  • As clients attempted to begin their CX transformations, they would often get blocked by DXP complexities, religious technical arguments and unpredictable costs, all of which created barriers to actually getting started. And the problem with enterprise DXPs is that they're hard to set up, not repeatable, too complex, take too long to deploy, or simply cost too much to upgrade. Dataweavers Managed Sitecore - our world-first SaaS solution for Sitecore - responds to these pain points and offers proven and streamlined products that are standardised, operationalised, repeatable and scalable.

    18 March 2021