Benjamin Gleitzman

CTO and Co-founder at Replicant AI
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Benjamin Gleitzman is CTO and Co-Founder of Replicant, a Conversational AI platform founded on the belief that machines are ready to have useful, complex conversations that will transform the way they interact with the world. He was also a technologist, artist, and founder of the hacker collective Ruse Laboratories, creator of the The Algorithm Auction, originator of Pup's Pool Party, and producer at Sublimate NYC. He was the CTO and Co-Founder of MONA, a non-drug, non-invasive Virtual Reality Therapy platform used by doctors to safely and effectively treat pain, discomfort and anxiety. Gleitzman created Hunch, a collective intelligence system based in New York and acquired by eBay that now powers billions of recommendations across the site. Gleitzman invented and developed the technologies powering the personalized eBay Feed, the largest redesign of the eBay homepage and functionality since its launch.

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