Bill Barhydt

CEO at Abra
On the record

Abra CEO Bill Barhydt is a technology entrepreneur and leading visionary in the crypto space. He hosts "Money Talks" every Friday at 12p ET. Bill is known for:

• Giving the first TED talk on Bitcoin in 2012 when Bitcoin was trading at $5
• Launching the first, complete crypto banking service at Abra in 2018 (Trade, Earn, Borrow)
• Creating the world's first synthetic dollar/stablecoin based on Bitcoin in 2015
• Receiving the first Technology Pioneer Award from the World Economic Forum in 2000

Recent Quotes
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  • "If you're able to hold Bitcoin as collateral (and) never sell your Bitcoin... You can get anywhere from a 15% LTV or 50% LTV loan in real-time at the point of sale. That's the future of payments." - Bill Barhydt

    1 June 2022
  • "The future of banking is borrowing against your Bitcoin. So don't sell your Bitcoin." - Bill Barhydt

    1 June 2022
  • "Balanced portfolios are for lazy people who don’t do research, understand markets or can’t stomach short-term losses." - Bill Barhydt

    1 April 2022
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