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Mr. Londoner is a capital markets and capital architecture expert and a senior life science executive. Having started his career as a research analyst for J. & W. Seligman & Co., Inc., a leading institutional money management firm in New York City, NY, he quickly found himself at the forefront of the biotech industry in the early 1990s, leading him to manage $3.5 billion in mutual and pension funds and international assets.

His passion for medical innovation led him to co-found, govern and bring to the public market a number of life science companies, including BioSig Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: BSGM). Working in close collaboration with key opinion leaders in electrophysiology, BioSig aims to improve the outcomes of cardiac ablations for the treatment of arrhythmias through novel technological solutions developed by the company, and further apply its core competency in advanced biomedical signal processing and analysis to other areas of medicine.

His prior experience in recognizing the early potential of biotech led Londoner to form the Alliance for Advancing Bioelectronic Medicine, an independent non-profit network of professionals dedicated to innovation at the intersection of healthcare and technology. The Alliance aims to increase awareness of bioelectronic medicine and build a platform for collaboration among stakeholders. Over the last decade, Londoner formed top level relationships with a number of medical centers of excellence such as Mayo Clinic, NYU Langone Hospital, and UCLA, as well as other stakeholders, including investment communities, intellectual property experts, and supply chain partners.

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