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Almost everyone can agree that purchasing wine can be intimidating for the average consumer. In times when there may not be an in-house sommelier available, anxiety around wine purchasing can heighten. How can consumers have confidence they will like a wine? What kinds of tools are available to them to help mitigate this risk? The answer may be in AI technology, but how does it all actually understand what wines your palate will like most?

If this is a story you'd like to explore, I ask that you interview Blake Hershey, CEO of Sippd. Blake, who started this journey as the ‘on-call wine expert' in his circle of overwhelmed wine consumer friends, knew there had to be a solution out there to this problem.

As a wine lover and AI technology expert, Blake can discuss a range of points regarding this topic, including:

How Sippd’s AI technology actually works and how it can help you discover your own palate

How AI will assist consumers along every step of the wine purchasing journey when shopping online and ordering at restaurants

How the use of AI technology will create the discovery experience of shopping in-person in a digital world

How Sippd can help a consumer better understand their own palate- giving them the confidence they need to be able to engage with the sommelier for a more impactful, meaningful experience

And in the larger picture, what Sippd aims to achieve in facilitating conversation and social connection around wine

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