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Co-founder & CEO at Everest
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Recently, Bob was an advisor to Kai Labs, a blockchain-focused think tank & accelerator that brought together entrepreneurs, corporations, domain experts and investment capital to advance the development of distributed systems & applications for a wide range of vertical markets. Previously, Bob was the General Manager of Licensing at BitTorrent, and VP of Strategy & Business Development at Neulion and DivX.

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  • The integration of Oracle FCCM with our Identity Verification and eKYC arms banks with the infrastructure to leverage the latest technologies and propel banking into the 21st century.

    11 January 2022
  • Oracle does some blockchain work in their cloud, which is not related to the core banking and financial platform that they sell to banks. We're bringing blockchain for identity and account creation to Oracle.

    11 January 2022
  • Everest gives the average person the ability to prove who they are, exchange value with another individual or institution, and utilize technology provided by an organization, facility, or agent army.

    11 January 2022
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