Irugal Bandaralage Bodhaka Wimalawansa Soorya

Leader at Sri Lankan Government
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I was born in Sri Lanka. Who I am is a result of being born into a very miserable period where everyone was confused, keep hating each other for their own mistakes, sabotaging each other’s work because of jealousy and even ready to kill one another for no gain.

Just after my elder brother’s assassination I decided to find the answer for such problems. As all these problems are man created problems and therefore man need to resolve them. I thought if I am not doing it, who will do it. Later when my understanding was growing; when I was getting more clarity on my goals, I got to know that I had to learn more than an average person. So I learnt, learnt and learnt. I studied, studied and studied like crazy. I studied biology at school however I studied history, politics and economics by myself. Napoleon Hill’s book was very fascinating to me; it disclosed some other reality and changed my focus as well. Since then I thought solution to poverty and social problem is individual empowerment. So I have been obsessed with studying self-help type personal development books. My motto became Individualism empowerment and management. Since young I could get first-hand experience working with my father’s community involvements. I have seen western developed countries who are preaching us how to develop ourselves in the developing countries. I decided to go to USA or another developed country and to see what I read in my own eyes. In 1999, with many of family friends’ support I could make it to Australia for my studies.

In Australia I could learn So much observing best practices. In University I studied commerce, management and information systems. I also realize it has to be system solution not the people solution. During 1999 – 2001 I could initiated several community awareness programs and carried out by local community leaders which had huge impact in community. In the political context in Sri Lanka, people waiting to see one perfect person (Their Ideal Leader) come and change everything and save people. So I was trying to convince them that why we should not be waiting to see one perfect leader, solution is perfect governing system (accountable, transparent simple and lean) and individual empowerment. However it was hard to get that message across to the public as so called leaders do not want to lose their power. I was indirectly trying so many strategies. I wrote “plan your life create your destiny” to train people, and several entrepreneur development programs. In 2012, with the help of community leaders, I founded my own organization called with the aim of community empowerment and to prevent continuing violence. I have made multiple approach with different strategies to bring people to one Vision and mission, and get actors to be focus and not to get disturb by events which are created by current political power play

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  • Warning:

    In Sri Lanka everyone know truth and false, most of them know right and wrong, but failed to take decisions against to terrorist and terrorism. Australia have been watching these terrorist activities almost nothing new to understand, now is the time to act and prosecute. Otherwise systematically their terrorist activities will be increased in Australia, decision makers, and Law enforcement will be just watching. Some of their punishments few weeks imprisonment will be treated like an entertainment or holidays by them. Terrorist network leaders may appear as a hero, law enforcement and political leadership will be ridiculed. Everyone’s moral and motivation to fight against terrorist, terrorism and crimes will go down. Terrorist will get more and more confident, they will be like heroes, their influential capacity getting increased, they can recruit more and more terrorists. May be now we have to kill 100, more we wait we may have to kill 1000s.

    There are different layers of the terrorisms and terrorist organizations. Top poisons snakes, Pigs work for the terrorist money. Dogs stupidly fallow, haunting dog trained and carry out terrorist mission even without getting any benefit to themselves, Shit warms just watching but doing nothing

    Terrorist Snakes hate people create problems mislead everyone. try to make everyone stupid, they create terrorist projects facilitate, execute. They are the top leaders of the terrorist organizations, best strategy development, well educated, can play with everyone's head, can not even recognize most of the time. They involve in creating terrorist culture which help to appear terrorist as a heroes, sympathize terrorists, excuse giving. They manage terrorist funds and fundraising activities.

    Terrorist Snakes (ideologists, promoters most of the time appear as terrorist and crime tolerates, sympathizers, avoiders, misleading propaganda campaigners, wrong strategic advisors, diplomats......)

    Facilitators: they facilitate influencing activities, financing those activities, Armed suppliers

    Some of the terrorist figs get treated well in the beginning, later they are getting blackmail threats, so they have to keep doing worst crimes. they will be not having any protection from the terrorist, criminals or the law enforcement. only choice having is surrendering to law enforcements.

    Dogs are stupid, they just believe what they hear, they involved in some of the terrorist activities like gossiping, most of the time appear as volunteers. do not know the consequences of their actions, they are getting worse off this life and after life.

    Huntingdon also brainless, do not know the real consequences of their action to society or themselves, they are fighting against wrong enemies, most of the time getting killed. Foot solders: Suicide bombers, participants in propaganda campaigns, mass protest or public disobedience campaigns.

    Shit warms just waiting by doing nothing, they know the enemy well, what's rights and wrong, but not aware the consequences of inaction, or or under fear or ignorance.


    Must educate Lawyers and how to participate in Law enforcement, and prosecution

    Must educate how and why of the Media and media participation when reporting crimes and terrorism and protecting national interest. When related to national interests it must be reported logically, not as an entertainment, do not ever try to mislead public. When they interview, they must ask smart questions to uncover truths, do not try disturbing the missions or waste law enforcements or leader’s time.

    Do not Fool by cry faces,

    Some of the terrorist when get punished, they may ask friends or family members to continue, the warning, good behavior bond, few weeks punishment will not be good enough to discourage participation.

    Be careful of olden days terrorists who acting as retired, they are the masterminding gameplayers.

    Action needed:

    Monitor and keep developing Education system, public education, information flow, information control and knowledge management, public perception maintenance. We need to have open, transparent, accountable, well-structured communication channels opened to general public, International community and the enemies.

    Need to have multiple public media channels (TV, Radio, Web...), media campaign projects must be pre planned for contingencies, Staff, and delegations in handling the projects must be clear, trained, ready, must be available in any situation and any condition. Message development template must be available to professionals, massage need to be truthful.

    Expose every Layers of terrorist activities and educate public how to recognize terrorist, terrorism, crimes, and the consequences.

    Law must be simple, easy to understand must uphold the purpose of justice, fairness and must help to fight enemies. Let the everyone know the punishments, so we can lower the recruitment capacity for terrorist activities,

    When prosecuting must fast, let the public know,

    At least act against one of the visible terrorists without waiting to uncover all.

    National security can not be compromised, sometimes we have arrest and retain long period, without court hearing, depending on the situation we must manage, resources available, and leadership support, and the public support.

    Must maintain momentum, keep acting against terrorist and terrorism

    As long term we must eliminate all the excuses for terrorists and terrorism, terrorist breading ground need to be destroyed. Education, Strengthening accountable transparent governing system, effective welfare system, feedback system, complain management, and effective case management.

    Intelligence gathering must be organized and simplified, country profiles and terrorist organizations profiles must be maintain must be available to public. Forum associated to those profiles are very effective for intelligence gathering.

    All the layers of decision makers, professionals must be empowered. they need to know the risk management to protect self interest, professional interest, and public interest. worst type of psychological manipulations can be hard to manage.

    Security forces decision-making, morale and mobility need to keep developing, need to provide resources, including information, skills, combat weapons.

    Strong disaster management must be there as a backups.

    For the terrorist:

    Do you know the enemy? Why are you thinking they are enemy? Did you try to communicate with them? (Only if you know it is safe).

    Can you understand why you are labelled as terrorist?

    Can you see the consequence of your actions?

    Do you know yourself first? Your strengths and weaknesses?

    If you have been treated unfairly, humiliated? What you should do legally? Is your country Law enough? Or Law enforcement not doing the right thing? Can the foreigners do anything wrong if your country if the law and law enforcement is good. Who are the betrayers of your country?

    Most of the terrorists think they are freedom fighters, so we are asking what freedom you are looking for, is it available to others? Who violate your freedom, and how?

    The poisonous snake make friends fight each other! are you subjected to their trap?

    Do you know some of the solutions can eliminate all the problems you are having?

    Do you like to get constructive criticism?

    If America, Australia or developed country, (individuals, company, law enforcement agency.) involved? please let the Law enforcements, Political leaders, and public of that country and other countries getting the information, use all the media channels available. Develop case properly as much as you can. Betrayers can be everywhere, even in United nations, Ngo…

    Are you clear about your loyalty toward yourself, God, humanity, loved ones, race, religion, or nation? can the enemy fool you using your kindness or loyalty?

    Do you really know your enemy? How to protect you from dangers and enemies? Do you have risk management plan?

    Don’t get confused? Do not Act on emotionally,

    Are you fallowing any terrorist leadership or organization? Their vision, mission, short term, and long-term goals are clear? Are they lead by examples? Are they empowering members? Are they truthful in communication? can you hold your leaders accountable to their communication promises and actions?

    Do you think mass murders are heroes? Why and how they became murderers? Do you want to be like them? Can you achieve better result doing differently?

    Do you know History, politics, or religious philosophy well? Do you getting correct news? Anyone providing untruthful information to education, media. Your enemy always try to make you stupid; they destroy your empowering beliefs, values, problem-solving capacity, and goalsetting and strategy development. Enemy always use deception on you. Friends always will be truthful and honest. Be serious , some enemy make you have bad taste; you may start as a freedom fighter, but you may end up been a criminal and enjoying others suffering. Learn from the leaders Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther king, Abraham Lincoln, Bob hawks, …

    Sometimes you may have to fight from very unfavorable situation but try to be truthful as much as you can, protect your integrity. Be clear about mission, what you going to achieve, never give up.

    If you are not clear with anything, please check and anyway you can contact me if you need help.

    Sri Lankan terrorist organization already exposed. their cruelty and power explained. please arrest them before they plan and execute crimes, or projects which leads to Future terrorist projects.

    25 August 2021
  • There are no secrets in my communication, I am truthful and I am consistent with my message. Everything I am doing is transparent and I am accountable. If any accusation to me they have to do it public I need opportunity to give answers in public. I am the only one representing the argument against Sri Lankan terrorists. This is to eliminate all the unnecessary disturbances. Terrorists are trying to buy time to destroy everyone of us

    When prosecuting any of the arrested terrorists and criminals it will be in front of the camera, and must be available to the public of Sri Lanka, Australia, and the world. Public prosecution including performing punishment must be public. This is to prevent International Law enforcement and their leaders labeled as a terrorist, criminals or against Sri Lanka and Buddhism.

    I am asking everyone not to represent the message I am giving out. I am asking to spread the message as I was told not to include any kind of analysis by anyone. The message must include and The enemy is trying to use their members to analyze and disable and mislead the decision makers and public. If there is anything not clear to anyone, they better contact me.

    I am always challenging my enemies, am I telling anything untruthful. then I am asking what part is untruthful. I am questioning terrorist excuses; why they cannot support the mission, what are the alternatives they are proposing, have they tried before? What results can you guarantee? What are the casualties or costs involved in the alternative to carry out and in any unsuccessful attempt. Are you responsible for representing the solution or alternative and When it is going to be carried out? anyone to support it, have you had the opportunity to do it before, why you haven't done it before. Are you involved or involved in any crime or terrorisms justifying or supporting? and what crime or terrorisms? Some other questions to ask!

    Inside Sri Lanka, and around the world people know I am telling the truth. They are not coming forward to explain it but helping me in the mission of sharing this (, ) information with others. if anyone need further information they have to contact me Irugal Bandaralage Bodhaka Wimalawansa Soorya (Bodhaka)

    Whoever is trying to be sympathetic toward the terrorist group better remember 22 millions people and the suffering Sri Lankans had during the last 73 years. What is happening right now and what is going to happen. Can you people be responsible for that?

    Use multiple communication channels when required. I have been using telepathy for some of the communication but I always asked to refer to websites or Facebook. do not try to argue based on one piece of information, better check the whole message. and what I have been telling since long back,, + 61 498964221

    Only problem so far is having difficulty letting all the security force members and public in Sri Lanka. terrorist controlling all the communication channels.

    Warning for leaders:

    Terrorists' trying to manipulate decisionmakers many ways: taking things not serious, asking time, jokes and laugh about it, asking sympathy, asking empathy, asking opportunity to study understand or correct themselves; may talk about friendship or loyalty, they may questioning your humanism, make you feel guilty, trying to give certificate of appreciation. they may try to make you angry, blank or sad, there are some remote influences too. Sometimes you may forget the big picture of the problem completely. But do not forget Lots of lives in your hand, over 22 millions of Sri Lankans lives and your country. We have to make decisions quickly, and take actions against identified terrorists. If we keep waiting they will organize and attack us. They are always trying to buy time to destroy us all.

    They are trying to manipulate your country, making the public hate you and your administration, They are destroying the image of Law enforcement. manipulate and use media channels. They make the public emotional and forget the big picture completely. They are trying to bribe. They are carrying out international propaganda against every country. Be in a hurry to educate the general public of your country about terrorist attacks going to happen in your country and how to face it. Be assertive doing it, make everyone involved. Terrorists are getting help from huge network. If you need any help I am always available.

    They are attacking your country's public education, schools, universities, Libraries and Internet.

    After all they will use mass destructive weapons, Virus, explosives. They are trying to fight each other.

    Some of the Strengths of the terrorist group and How they control Sri Lanka:

    They keep accusing International governments as an excuse of all the miseries in Sri Lanka; make them fearful about international influences. They negotiate to help us otherwise you will end up like Haiti. They show bad bad things happening throughout the world and keep telling how lucky you are to the general public in Sri Lanka.

    For a long time these criminals collected so much foreign currency in many ways including foreign debt, foreign Aids from governments, NGO Funds, Charity Funds and other funds sent by Sri Lankans in other countries. Government did not spend at least 30% to build assets. Government welfare, NGO and charities do not even spend 1% of the funds given by foreign nations. been given to the public. Government keeps printing money but not distributing it through the public or private banking system correctly, but they privately can get as much as they want and can use as they want.

    They have built a very powerful influential network with criminals, terrorists as well as other decent communities. They have many faces that are hard to recognize. They may be able to influence other country leadership and policymakers.

    They may be even performing various fake fights telling they are against an oppressive government. Doing that they may even strengthen terrorist funds and real fighters will not get the opportunity to address the world, build networks or get any kind of help. They are even in religious costumes such as Buddhist monks, NGOs, Charities, community leaders.

    Lawyers have been training over 5 years to accept crime as normal or heroic, most of them think rising crimes create more opportunities to make money.

    They even disabled and toucher Security forces and Police. security forces or police have not been educated on Human rights well. they can not perform their professional obligation. Their leadership has been isolated and controlled; they are not in the position to do the correct thing. They were also killed even without a court hearing or martial court appearing.

    They have done making people stupid and disempowered so well. They are using the education system, media channels control and dominate. Every week they are creating a hot topic or issue so people forget the complete big picture.

    These terrorists have done the biggest damage using Buddhism. Today most of the Sinhalese Buddhist not aware of Buddhism. Terrorist group members hide as a Buddhist monk. They are trying to destroy Tipitaka and its Sinhala Translation. They spread hatred among Sinhala Buddhist communities telling Buddhism is under attack by foreigners and other religions. Even the poor people in hunger will donate every rupee to criminal monks with the expectation of going to heaven after death. They are not equipped with problem solving skills, they are crying in front of statues or Bodhi trees. These so-called Buddhist monks destroy people’s self – esteem completely and they do not know why there are so many problems around them such as their bad health, poor economy, relationship problems, stress and emotional burdens. These criminal monks make them feel stupid, guilty. Only option is giving money and engaging in expensive Pooja. They keep telling people's misery because of Bad Karma and make them inferior to criminal politicians. They want to tolerate all the criminal activities

    They intentionally destroy Buddhism, They destroy Tipitaka, what happened to Buddha Jayanti Tipitaka (Sinhala translations)? According to me, Tipitaka is more easy to understand than Monk teachings. Tipitaka have not been available in School education or the general public. Very few Buddhist have read even sutta pitaka. Now there are many versions around., it was the only decent Buddhist website, and terrorists have destroyed the content of it.. Kiribathgoda gnanananda, Pitiduwe samathra baddha, Ududumbara kashyapa and many monks who went overseas are given the mission of destroying Buddhist and Buddhism. As a result citizens became stupid so they accountable for disabling the society. Today they are lacking problem solving or goal setting skills. they do not have healthy self esteem. They suffer from inferiority complex thoughts. feel guilty about even uncommitted crime. Even well educated people are becoming helpless when they get influenced by a Terrorist monk. Buddhist Monk education including pirivena have been destroyed. The Buddhist monk and Buddhist leaders threatened, blackmailed, controlled and killed.

    They are killing and touchering people, abusing people, not even letting people's basic necessities met. Sri Lanka has everything to have a happy life. But they keep creating problems after problem. They even kill people who serve them as slaves. This is not new. It has been happening Last 73 years and keeps getting worse.

    In Sri Lanka everyone know truth and false, most of them know right and wrong, but failed to take decisions against to terrorist and terrorism. Australia has been watching these terrorist activities with almost nothing new to understand, now is the time to act and prosecute. Otherwise systematically their terrorist activities will be increased in Australia and around the world. Decision makers, and Law enforcement will be just watching. Some of their punishments, a few weeks imprisonment, will be treated like entertainment or holidays by them. Terrorist network leaders may appear as a hero, law enforcement and political leadership will be ridiculed. Everyone’s moral and motivation to fight against terrorist, terrorism and crimes will go down. Terrorists will get more and more confident, they will be like heroes, their influential capacity getting increased, they can recruit more and more terrorists. Maybe now we have to kill 100, more we wait we may have to kill 1000s.

    Lets fight, prosecute at least one terrorist, security forces can build momentum and terrorists have to keep hiding and their attacking capacity will be destroyed. Hope we are ready for worst case scenarios and keep educating the public. Please do not wait.

    25 August 2021
  • I am Irugal Bandaralage Bodhaka Wimalawansa Soorya. The new leader of Sri Lanka, Fighting against terrorists and terrorism. I want to warn you about how dangerous terrorist group is. If your citizens are in Sri Lanka, they are in great danger.

    more about terrorist group
    How we fight terrorisms:
    What I am requesting from all the governments:

    Thank you
    Irugal Bandaralage Bodhaka Wimalawansa Soorya

    25 August 2021
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