VP of Product at SolveiQ
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Infinitely curious with an insatiable appetite to learn, my strength as a technology product and marketing executive is using customer data and market insights to inform product creation, vision, and decisions. If a product or service effectively addresses customer needs, revenue grows.

A leader of teams, change, and customer success; someone who leverages insights to influence the right stakeholders and propel the necessary change.

Over the years, I escalated revenue, doubled conversion rates, improved margins, and raised customer acquisition and retention in various public, private, multi-channel, and global technology companies.

In each of my leadership positions, I delivered 30X to 100X my compensation plan. I did this by:

✔ Engaging with high-performance teams to drive forward product/service visions and goals

✔ Improving all aspects of customer success by fostering productive partnerships and developing innovative initiatives for worldwide customers

✔ Defining company visions and product/service roadmaps in alignment with short- and long-term business objectives

My unique technology and business background have enabled me to identify opportunities, drive innovation into the customer experience, implement effective product development processes, and deliver on growth strategies. I have a compelling combination of knowledge that stretches across:

Product & Service Strategy ● Change Management ● Product Development & Management ● Customer Experience ● Revenue Growth ● Digital Marketing ● eCommerce ● Team Leadership ● SaaS ● B2C and B2B ● Enterprise Software Solutions ● Business Development ● Training

While others may focus on short-term tactical wins, my approach is to ensure sustainable success. Regardless of position or organization, I consistently grow revenue and deliver value!

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