Brad Ormsby

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Brad Ormsby is an entrepreneur who has leveraged a career in marketing to launch a variety of businesses in multiple industries. Just a few of the businesses he’s in include local service businesses, blogs, eCommerce stores, a wellness center, and a client facing marketing company named Colorstone Marketing. Brad uses years of online marketing experience to build businesses with an approach that’s different than most. He first builds the customer base and then the business infrastructure to service the incoming clients. His unique approach has allowed him to build multiple successful businesses in a short time without the normal capital output that most business owners are forced into. He parlays his experience in building and marketing his own businesses into helping clients build their businesses in a variety of industries and professions.

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  • One of the best things I’ve seen small business owners using is an app called Nextdoor. With this app, you can post locally and only people within your neighborhood are allowed in. This gets you local people, often neighbors, who are interested in your service. I’ve worked with companies who pull several jobs per week just by posting on it.

    12 February 2021