Brandon Krieg

CEO & Co-Founder at Stash
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Brandon’s core focus is finding new ways to harness technology to simplify the financial services industry and create opportunities for people of all demographics and financial backgrounds. He has over 20 years of experience in the fintech industry, most notably as Co-founder of EdgeTrade, one of the first and largest electronic trade execution and software firms (later acquired by Knight Capital Group), and as Head of Electronic Execution at Macquarie Securities Group.

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  • In the past, $28 would get you nowhere, or worse, laughed out the door at traditional financial institutions. We’re proving that small amounts of money — however much our customers can afford — on a consistent basis can truly make a lasting impact on their financial future.

  • The Gen-Z and Millennial generation is extremely misunderstood. They do care about activism and the brands that they agree with.

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  • Stash
    CEO & Co-Founder
    started Jun 2015