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CFP & Co-Founder at Facet Wealth
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As a founding member of Facet Wealth, Brent brings over a decade of experience as a financial planner to support Facet’s mission of making high-quality financial advice more affordable and accessible to families that need it most. As chief evangelist, Brent guides the vision of Facet’s financial life planning experience, ensures consistent brand messaging internally and in the industry, and acts as a champion and advocate for the financial planning profession. Prior to Facet, Brent was a principal at an independent wealth management firm where he served as a lead planner, chaired the investment committee, and coached and mentored next-generation advisors. As a believer in the empowering effects of financial planning on improving overall financial health and wellness, Brent is an ambassador for innovative next-generation planning solutions and the technology that will enable greater access.

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  • In this strategy, there is a specific stock to bond weighting, like 60/40 or 80/20. A portfolio manager then selects the underlying mutual funds that comprise the stock or bond allocation.

    25 February 2021
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    25 February 2021
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