Brian Hamilton

President and Founder at Hippo Technologies and 1 other company
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Brian is a recognized pioneer and leader in market acceptance and in the deployment of Internet of Things, augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), and wearable computing technologies in healthcare, education, automotive, consumer packaged goods, oil and gas, power and utilities, transportation and logistics, IT and telecom, industrial manufacturing and entertainment. He is also an experienced entrepreneur, co-founder and chief revenue / business officer of RealWear, INC where he helped to establish a global sales force and ISV / Channel network in over 57 countries.

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  • Health care was ripe for disruption because there was a lot of waste in it. Maybe we can save a ton of money in health care and get rid of a lot of waste and be able to drop knowledge anywhere in the world.

    22 April 2021
  • We are extremely grateful for our partnership with such a forward-thinking and innovative university, and look forward to not only serving the greater Miami area, but expanding our global reach through Barry's international programs. Barry's deployment of the HVC platform has taught us how to maximize our relationships in the education sector, and it has further solidified our strategy for incorporating our partners into the Hippo HIVE community.

    22 April 2021