Brian Kloss

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Brian Kloss is a Portfolio Manager on the Global Fixed Income team. He joined Brandywine Global in December 2009, bringing with him over 10 years of high yield and distressed debt experience. Previously, Brian was co-portfolio manager at Dreman Value Management, LLC (2007-2009); high yield analyst/trader at Gartmore Global Investments (2002-2007); high yield and equity portfolio manager and general analyst at Penn Capital Management, Ltd. (2000-2002); an analyst with The Concord Advisory Group, Ltd. (1998-2000); and an international tax consultant with Deloitte & Touche LLP (1995-1998).

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  • We started to move out of longer-dated investment-grade corporate credit exposure as spreads retraced the pandemic widening, leaving very little cushion to absorb an increase in interest rates.

    3 May 2021
  • It will be critical that the events around Huarong are handled credibly as foreign capital and treatment of investors will be watched with great interest by all.

    3 May 2021