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CEO at Buildings IOT
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Brian have worked with some of the largest property owners and facility managers in the world in developing lasting strategies for managing complex integrations and building data for over two decades. This experience paired with his thirst to apply tech-enabled solutions to the problems found fuels my passion and forms the basis our work at Buildings IOT.

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  • The high energy needs of commercial buildings often place a great strain on the nation's grids during peak periods and are responsible for a staggering amount of emissions. At the same time, it is critical that energy efficiency not come at the expense of indoor air quality, especially as healthy air is top-of-mind for everyone returning to indoor office spaces. Buildings IOT provides real solutions for greater energy efficiency and carbon reduction while also making it possible to monitor indoor air quality levels and change ventilation strategies immediately if necessary. As a result, building owners see an improvement in their operating costs, while tenants report feeling more comfortable and productive at work.

    27 May 2021
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