Brijesh Thoppil

Director of Strategic Partnerships at EOS DATA ANALYTICS
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Brijesh Thoppil is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at EOS Data Analytics, a global provider of AI-powered satellite imagery analytics.

Brijesh joined EOS Data Analytics in April 2021. He is primarily responsible for the management, growth, and development of the company's strategic partnerships, both existing and new. Brijesh holds a Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University (Chennai). He has over 11 years of experience in various roles, including business development, implementation of technical projects, and management.

Currently, Brijesh is responsible for strengthening the company’s approach to partnership development by:
1. Developing and implementing partnership strategy to expand EOSDA products across targeted verticals;
2. Coordinating partners' training and communicating to partners EOSDA solutions’ updates.
3. Collaborating with EOSDA Sales, Marketing, Product, and Technology teams to deliver partners’ feedback.
4. Assisting in product development to ensure the EOSDA offerings are aligned with the products adoption strategy.
5. Tracking the progress of the partnership goals achievement.

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