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CEO and Founder at GiftPocket
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Brooke Yoakam is a rising sophomore at Boston College and is also the CEO and Founder of GiftPocket, a mobile FinTech app that is transforming the way that people and brands use gift cards. With GiftPocket users can manage, exchange, buy, and send gift cards from their phone. She created GiftPocket when she was 12 years old and has since launched GiftPocket in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Brooke has been featured on Bloomberg QuickTakes, TedX Talks, Yahoo Finance, Crunchbase, CBS Boston, Columbus Dispatch, Clubhouse, and more.

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  • We hope to empower the next generation within our digital economy. The GiftPocket SEND feature allows all of us to spread a moment of delight, which is necessary as we recover from the Pandemic. Receiving a surprise $5 from a friend is a virtual hug, and could mean a free ice cream or taco, which in turn empowers that new user to pass that positivity, which in turn stimulates the economy, something we can all appreciate.

    15 November 2021
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