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COO, CFO, & Founder at Odynn
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Bruce Garner is the COO, CFO, and Founder of Odynn, an independent awards optimization platform that helps users earn and redeem their points and miles, without spending more. Prior to Odynn, Bruce spent over 30 years working for prestigious financial institutions including J.P. Morgan, Bankers Trust, Deutsche Bank, and Royal Bank of Canada. Throughout his career, Bruce has always been on the cutting edge of financial innovation. In fact, he created and originated the first-ever risk management products for physical commodities. Bruce has worked and lived all over the world, and has dual citizenship in the UK. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Cornell University.

Bruce is also an expert on all things credit cards, awards, and personal finance, and has been quoted in CNET, U.S. News & World Report, Barron’s, and more.

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  • "US consumers demonstrated that they still have room to spend even in the face of generational inflation numbers! Consumers are spending the savings and wealth created during the pandemic," said Bruce Garner, co-founder of Card Curator. "The real question is how long will this continue? With inflation showing no signs of really slowing down, the consumer will continue to be squeezed.”

  • Card issuers do this because they assume that consumers with low credit scores won't shop around for cheaper alternatives, says Bruce Garner, co-founder and executive chairman of Card Curator, a credit card rewards optimization app. "The assumption is that anyone with bad credit will be overjoyed to receive an offer of any credit at any price," he adds.

  • “The digitization of credit cards and credit in general means we will start to see newer solutions for the underbanked or those with terrible/no credit history,” said Bruce Garner, co-founder at Card Curator. “All we have to do is watch the revolution in mobile banking that has already taken place all over Africa with companies like Jumo or here in the US with firms like Brigit.”

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