Bryan Fried

Chairman and CEO at PANGEA Global Technologies
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Bryan Fried is the Chairman and CEO of PANGEA Global Technologies, the North American technology and lighting company built on a successful 22-year history of operating in the commercial lighting industry. Based in Los Angeles, PANGEA holds three brands in its portfolio, RapidGrow LED, Pangea Software Inc., and Visionaire Lighting, LLC. PANGEA's software is an open-architecture, wireless lighting platform that enables the creation of smart environments encompassing automation, data reporting and third-party device connectivity. Many current project applications include automated horticulture farming, energy monitoring and reporting, privatized Wi-Fi, video integration and analytics, audio threat detection, air quality sensors and controls, large scale utility controls for factories and distribution centers, moisture sensors and controls, CO2 and temperature sensors and controls, soil sensors, and par sensors with Apogee quantum meters. The truly wireless system connects to 3,000+ fixtures on a single gateway, with no wiring between light fixtures, granting full wireless control of individual light fixtures and pre-set zones while gathering data and generating real-time reporting.