Byron Slosar

Founder and CEO at HIVE Diversity
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Byron is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at HIVE Diversity. He has a decade of experience across all areas of undergraduate career advising, career development, employer relations and undergraduate recruiting. Byron has worked with over 3,000 students and has an effective approach that enables them to enjoy, not stress about, their career-focused efforts. He created hive diversity to level the career playing field for undergraduate students.

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  • There are issues around diversity being imperative for management and leadership, but not entry-level. How can the industry combat this? Specific to retail, we are focused on helping our partners reach all students—not just those who are familiar with their brands. By simplifying and democratizing the career process for all students, HIVE removes the questions of ‘where do you go to school’ and ‘who do you know’ from the conversation and has built one new road that works for any student who’s willing to work hard.

    25 March 2022
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