Cait Howerton, MBA, AFC®, CFP®

Certified Financial Planner Professional at Facet Wealth and 1 other company
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I help everyday Americans have access to equitable, objective, and sales-free financial advice and financial coaching through SmartPath's Financial Wellness Program. SmartPath has been supporting employees for over a decade through approachable financial education, personalized financial coaching, and easy-to-use client portal and financial app. I help clients uncover their ideal life goals, navigate their values and money beliefs, and evolve their behavior to achieve their dreams. I believe in authenticity. I weave together inspiration and proven financial processes to yield innovative, ideal and sustainable financial plans for each of my client’s unique journeys.

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  • All people, truly ALL people, deserve access to honest, affordable, conflict-free financial advice. No matter what.

    29 November 2021
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  • Facet Wealth
    Certified Financial Planner Professional
    started Aug 2020
  • SmartPath
    Senior Financial Coach and Certified Financial Planner Professional Professional
    Feb 2018 – Aug 2020