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Nurturing healthy pregnancies and easing women’s substance addiction
Helping women nurture and deliver healthy babies is a large part of what Dr. Caitlin E. Martin does every day. But another important focus for her is providing specialized care for women who are struggling with alcohol or drug addictions, particularly with concerns around opioid use.

A gynecologist/obstetrician (OB-GYN) and addiction medicine provider, Dr. Martin offers compassionate care for every patient. Whether a woman wants to address an addiction to prepare for pregnancy, or risks developing a dependence on drugs designed to ease post-delivery pain, she provides tailored treatment plans that support her patient’s health goal.

“People with addiction should have access to high-quality, long-term treatment – no matter their gender, age or other medical issues,” says Dr. Martin, who knew she wanted to be a women’s care provider from the moment she decided to go into medicine. “This includes pregnant and parenting women, as well as their families. I’m dedicated to providing this care, as well as training others to do so.”

Dr. Martin cares for women of all ages across their lifetimes. That includes preventative gynecology, including surgical management when needed, female chronic pelvic pain and general obstetrics.

She is also a pioneer in bridging the gap between traditional women’s medicine and substance use disorder treatment. With numerous awards and articles published in peer-reviewed journals, Dr. Martin focuses her research today on the intersections of gender, addiction, pain and reproductive/sexual health.

“When I started training, there was no dedicated teaching or training in addiction or appropriate pain management,” she says. “Since then, our field has matured as a model for integration of addiction care with reproductive and sexual health care.”

One of a few providers offering this integrated care in Virginia, Dr. Martin helps women manage addiction before, during and after pregnancy. “Patients come to see me because they are looking for someone to help them with their needs, whether it be gynecologic or addiction related,” she says. “My new patients can expect to meet someone who will speak to them and treat them as a whole human being with compassion and respect. I expect my patients to do the same for me also.”

She recognizes that some women struggle to balance taking care of themselves with other challenges in their lives. Her door is open. “When you’re facing a difficult time, that’s not the moment to try to take it all on your shoulders,” she says. “That’s the time to reach out to your loved ones and support system – including your doctor – as we’re the people who want to help you through this.”

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