Cali Yost

CEO and Founder at Flex+Strategy Group
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Cali is the world’s leading authority on high performance flexibility. A visionary workplace futurist, strategist, author, and keynote speaker, she is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Flex+Strategy Group, a solutions company helping organizations unlock performance and engagement by reimagining how, when and where work is done. For more than two decades, Cali has been among the first to foresee many flexible workplace trends. She’s used those insights to help leaders build dynamic, responsive organizations that attract and retain an engaged, diverse workforce; increase productivity and innovation; enhance employee well-being and respond rapidly to operating disruptions.

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  • COVID blew through all the inertia and it blew through the fear [of making deep changes]. It no longer mattered how you did it [increased flexibility], you just had to do it. It’s far less overwhelming for leaders to navigate these choppy waters if they remember that everything was already headed in this direction. So the focus can then be on how do they move forward instead of just resorting to the muscle memory of how we did things before.

    15 June 2022