Cara Patricia, Simi Grewal, and Morgan Harris

CEO, Co-founder, and Master Sommelier at DECANTsf
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Cara is the Co-founder and Sommelier of DECANTsf, a boutique wine and craft beer bottle shop & bar in San Francisco's SoMa West District. Known for her relaxed style of wine education, Cara's motto is "Drink for Yourself", a reminder that regardless of the trends and fads of the beverage world, what is most important is what makes YOU happy.

Simryn co-founded with business partner and sommelier Cara Patricia in 2016, DECANTsf is the newest addition to San Francisco's vibrant wine & beverage scene.
As a Master Sommelier with over twelve-years of major market restaurant beverage management experience, Simi bring huge value to any business working in the beverage or restaurant space.

Over the last decade, Morgan developed a parallel skillset in the beverage media space, having worked as a freelance Writer and Editor for major beverage media outlets as well as the wine digital space. His clients include Wine Folly, Vivino, Punch Drink and WineAccess. He have also appeared as on-screen talent for cable television, daytime network television, and internet video media.

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  • One of my favorite takes on Pinot Gris is Jason Lett’s at Eyrie Vineyards in Oregon. A lot of Pinot Gris/Grigio is bought and sold very cynically. Producers know that their consumer is expecting functionally a Vodka and Soda (hold the fruit) in wine form when looking for most commercial Pinot Grigio. This is a win-win for these cynical producers, especially the ones who make ‘fancy’ (read: expensive) examples, because they can farm with very high yields and make very safe winemaking choices but produce at a premium price point. Lett is the opposite of that; he makes a characterful, fruitful example of the variety that really leans into Pinot Grigio’s interesting, lusher texture and mild, appealing bitterness (think: tonic water). It’s also one of the best examples of responsibly farmed domestic wine that’s under $25 or so retail: varietally correct, delicious, and with high integrity.

  • The terms 'dryness' or 'sweetness' refer to how much residual sugar is leftover in a wine after fermentation. Most wines we might drink on a daily basis are actually considered dry, even though sometimes they might taste 'sweet.'

  • If (the price) seems too good to be true, it is. Wine can be cheap, but it has a cost.

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    CEO, Co-founder, and Master Sommelier