Carey Smith

CEO and Founder at Unorthodox Ventures
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Carey Smith is the CEO and Founder at Unorthodox Ventures. He led a company from $0 to $250 million in less than 20 years. What’s even more unusual is that he did it without kowtowing to investors or anyone else. Carey says his “secret” to success is just common sense, and he’s happy to share it with anyone willing to consider an entirely different kind of business plan.

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  • It's exceedingly rare to find a real inventor these days, so that makes what Frances has done even more astounding. She's identified a real problem, and one that's extremely personal for many at that, and developed a practical product to solve it. She also put herself and her own experience in front of the world, and that takes the kind of courage that only real entrepreneurs show.

    2 August 2021
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