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Plant growth and hydroponics expert Casey Fraser is a category manager for Hydrofarm, where, among many roles, he focuses on bringing new products to the Hydrofarm catalog from both in-house development and external sourcing.

Casey is a seasoned grower, utilizing climate controlled environments to have a successful harvest through all seasons. Currently, he is growing various leafy greens, herbs, flowers and fruits in his home.

With nearly 18 years of experience in the hydroponics and plant growth industry, and 23 years as a grower himself, Casey’s knowledge and expertise serves to benefit new and avid gardeners alike as he frequently provides “how-to” tips on how to yield the best plants from seedling to harvest, no matter the size or place of a garden. Casey also serves as a go-to for growers’ questions. The most frequently asked questions he received include: “How do I fix my sick plant?,” “What is the best grow light?” and “How do I get a higher plant yield?”

Prior to his role at Hydrofarm, Casey was the founder and CEO of Garden Grove Organics, a retail establishment serving growers in the Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio regions with hydroponics, grow lights, plant nutrients and more. Casey’s background in communications and journalism has also served him well in writing and publishing numerous articles discussing the controlled environment agriculture space.

Hydrofarm is a leading distributor and manufacturer of controlled environment agriculture equipment and supplies, including high-intensity grow lights, climate control solutions, and growing media, as well as a broad portfolio of innovative and proprietary branded products. For more than 40 years, Hydrofarm has helped growers in the U.S. and Canadian markets make growing easier and more productive. The Company’s mission is to empower growers, farmers and cultivators with products that enable greater quality, efficiency, consistency and speed in their grow projects. For additional information, please visit:

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