Cathy Spaas

World-Class Coach at Cathy Spaas Academy
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World-class Coach Cathy is a highly sensitive, lively and passionate mother, wife and horse girl. As a former elite international showjumper, Cathy is no stranger to the spotlight herself and the unique pressures faced by those ascending to the upper echelons of their profession. After suffering from a severe burnout in 2016, which she describes as her personal turning point, Cathy set out on a new path to help other highly sensitive people like herself create the life of their dreams and understand they can have massive career impact without sacrificing their health, relationships, or boundaries.

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  • Celebrity couples in a demanding environment experience all the same challenges that we in 'normal life' do, but not only do they have an extra 1000-pound gorilla on their shoulders pressuring them to perform, also their every move is put under a gigantic microscope. Being this exposed to the opinions of the rest of the world makes them even more vulnerable for low self-esteem and doubting their relationship.

    25 January 2022
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