Celeste Mergens

Founder and former CEO at Days for Girls International
On the record

Celeste Mergens a global thought leader that specializes in resilience, sustainability, and in women’s health. She is an author, international speaker, consultant, and the founder of Days for Girls, a global award-winning organization. She has been featured in Oprah’s O Magazine and Forbes, and has been named Conscious Company Global Impact Entrepreneur Top Ten Women, and Women's Economic Forum's Woman of the Decade.
Today, Days for Girls reaches more than 3 million women and girls in 145 countries. The organization’s impact continues to grow, proving that small changes can create big shifts. This journey to overcome one of the world’s most prevalent taboos is proof that no divide is impossible to bridge. Her book, “The Power of Days” shares proof.

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  • This [receiving hygiene kits] gives them back their days, days of dignity and health and opportunity and unity, to use their days to the fullest. It really makes a difference. It changes their lives significantly.

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