Chad Walding

Doctor of Physical Therapy at NativePath
On the record

Dr. Chad Walding, DPT, is a co-founder of NativePath, a doctor of physical therapy, holistic wellness coach, certified personal trainer, lifetime athlete, and wellness speaker. He’s passionate about how food plays a role in healing and our overall well-being and is on a mission to help people live longer, eat better, and move more. As a physical therapist, Dr. Chad specializes in treating the spine and restoring optimal functional movement. He spent time with indigenous people in the Amazon to study ancestral and holistic health and teach people how to restore human health and vitality for a longer life.

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  • Exposing your body to cold temperatures helps your body to build resilience and improves your immune response and ability to handle stress. Similar to when you add weight to a barbell, an ice bath is like giving your cells a little bit of resistance. Your body adjusts by shivering, which speeds up metabolism.

    4 December 2022
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