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Charles is a successful entrepreneur who has founded and exited in 5 startups in technology, media and finance. He co-founded Reality Shares, which has 7 publicly traded ETFs including the first Blockchain equity ETF. In the dotcom era he built RealAge which was successfully sold to Hearst for over 9 figures.

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  • The launch of our browser extension makes it simpler than ever for consumers to start taking control of their personal data. When we make it easy for individuals and businesses to manage data in a way that is fair and transparent, it’s a win-win for everyone.

    20 July 2021
  • Digital Advertising is ripe for a change. Big tech exploits user data, and click fraud is estimated to grow into an $87 billion business in 2021. The major platforms grade their own homework, so to speak, and advertisers are getting the short end of the stick.

    20 July 2021
  • After a 50% correction across the Crypto markets we are in a consolidation mode which is healthy for the next bull run. If [Bitcoin] holds support at 30k through the summer, I think we are poised for a great Q4 rally.

    20 July 2021