Charley Ma

GM of Fintech at Alloy
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Charlie is the General Manager of Fintech at Alloy. He is focused on deepening the platform's fintech offerings and go-to-market strategy. He joined Alloy in January of 2021. He was also previously one of the first business hires and head of growth at Ramp where he helped launch the first corporate card built for savings.

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  • I think we’re seeing a lot more verticals for new fintech companies, and some of those are very dependent on banking partnerships.

    3 October 2021
  • We’re at the very early innings of embedded fintech. The idea of a vertical solution launching a card and bank account would have been pretty outrageous just 5 years ago, so it’s really exciting to see companies like Squire launching a fully built out card product.

    3 October 2021
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