Charlie Shakeshaft

Founder and CEO at Individual Protection Solutions
On the record

Charlie Shakeshaft is the Founder at Individual Protection Solutions (IPS). Charlie has now been working on the IPS project for nearly 5 years. He is a digital native and a millennial, but surrounds himself with the expertise and life experience of people who have seen how difficult it can be to stay safe from those trying to steal your data (and money) without committing massive amounts of time and energy to it.

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  • The information and tools are out there for people to use. We've found they are mostly available to more of a tech audience with the onus on the individual to learn about the tools and then how to implement them. So at IPS - Individual Protection Solutions - we want to provide simple, straightforward solutions that help the large majority get protected, without having to learn cybersecurity, or do research into the area.

    9 July 2021