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David Rose was raised with a diverse and curious palate. Born in New Jersey to 2 chef parents, his culinary interest led him to enroll in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary College (Tucker, GA), where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. Living in Atlanta for more than a decade, Chef Rose finds inspiration in his surroundings and identifies as a southern chef, creatively reinterpreting classic southern fare by incorporating the refinement of his french culinary training, with his signature bold flavors, and the occasional flair from his family's Jamaican recipes.

Chef Rose is a Food Network/TV personality & serves as a national brand ambassador for Nissan USA and Big Green Egg. Rose is also the founder and creator of the TLC Experience (Tastings • Libations • Cigars), where he partners with spirits and cigar companies to create extraordinary dining experiences. Recently, he has been named as a brand ambassador for Davidoff/Camacho Cigars.

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  • By you flipping the burger once it's going to ensure that nice hard sear on that burger. And also retain that juiciness, and flavor and moisture right inside. So please refrain from taking that spatula. I know it's tempting. And pressing down on that burger because the kids are crying, grandma's getting hangry. Take your time. Let the flavors develop.

    14 January 2022
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