Chef Jaz

CEO/Owner at Lifestyle Sessions
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Chef Jaz, (Jasmine) is the owner and operator of Lifestyle Sessions LLC in Philadelphia. As a juvenile diabetic she struggled with her weight and body issues for years. In her late twenties, Chef Jaz decided it was time to make a change, but did not know where to start. She wanted to start “loving me” more and create a positive environment for her growing daughter. Like many of us, she wanted her daughter to have a mother she could look up to and that she could see was committed toward her “greatest self”. After limited success with weight loss, she recognized that She had to do the work; juice, teas or a particular diet would not do it for her. Chef Jaz is down 75 lbs over 4 years with a recipe of “Self Love”. She started small, with one small change each day and now lives a healthy, active lifestyle that she shares with people through her business.

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