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Betty "Chelle" Neff had a drive to style hair from a young age when she intuitively knew by age ten that this was her calling while growing up in Abilene, Texas. By 16, she enrolled in cosmetology school; by 18, she became licensed. Chelle was hungry to learn more and keep challenging herself to upgrade to higher-end salons before finally residing at a Salon Suite space. Being independent led to a need for a business identity. And thus, the Urban Betty brick and mortar was born, inspired by her grandmother's name (and whom she is named after).

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  • I saw about six years’ worth of business savings get completely eaten up in two months. That was heartbreaking to me. We don’t have that luxury. I see the power of voting in shaping the way my employees will survive the coming years. I want leadership that prioritizes taking care of people and maintaining the Affordable Care Act, which some of my employees utilize.

    30 January 2023