Cher Chen

Associate Professor in the School of Integrative Studies at George Mason University College of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Dr. Cher Weixia Chen is an Associate Professor in the School of Integrative Studies and a Research Fellow at the Center for the Advancement of Well-Being. Dr. Chen’s scholarship focuses on the issues of human rights (particularly the rights of marginalized groups such as women’s rights and indigenous rights) and international and comparative legal studies.

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  • Jobs that are commonly held by women or seen as traditionally female roles tend to be devalued. For example, women tend to occupy secretarial jobs with lower salaries. There is also a “mommy penalty.” Employers may assume working mothers would need to take care of their children and therefore won’t be able to work the hours demanded by the job, which may impact how they are treated at the workplace. This problem, inherent in employment, has a profound effect on women’s wages.

    1 April 2021
  • Sometimes you can have depression, and sometimes it's this very real feeling of hopelessness. All of this adds up together to a chronic phenomenon of activist burnout.

    24 October 2020
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