Cherie Benjoseph

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A passion for empowering children to be safe and to develop into healthy, productive adult members of the community led Cherie Benjoseph to co-found KidSafe Foundation in 2009. Presently, as Chief Program Officer, she works with community leaders to improve defining the ever-changing issues around protecting children, and on how to help them, their parents and guardians, and all child-serving professionals. Cherie, in understanding the needs of our community, is developing new curriculum, programs and resources both online and in print for families, schools, and professionals. She has been speaking nationally at conferences and symposiums for over a decade, and believes a safe society—free from child sexual abuse and exploitation—is attainable.

A native of New York, Cherie received her MSW from Boston University. Cherie enjoys yoga, working with clay, Tai Chi, travel and time with her family when she’s not championing the safety of children.

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