Cheryl Tulipana

Media Director at Signal Theory
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Cheryl Tulipana is the media director at Signal Theory. Signal Theory offers brand development, marketing, and design that creates marketing effectiveness by fusing social and behavioral science with data-driven insights and intuitive creativity of human-centered design leads. She believes the B2B digital marketing trends for 2021 centers on three key components: publishers, data and emerging technology. Eighteen years ago, Cheryl planned in buying an online media for Pizza Hut even before online media was a thing. Cheryl’s diverse media planning background runs the gamut from fast food to large animal pharma to mutual funds to HVAC/R tools. In her nine years at Signal Theory, she has developed a deep understanding of how and where to reach niche audiences. Cheryl believes research is the foundation for a successful campaign, and she loves training anyone who will listen on how to use Signal Theory’s impressive array of research tools.