Chirag Shah

Founder & CEO at Nucleus Commercial Finance
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Chirag Shah is a founding partner of Nucleus Commercial Finance. Prior to establishing Nucleus, Chirag was Portfolio Manager at Acheron Capital Ltd, a London-based asset manager focusing on acquisitions in the life insurance space. He was responsible for sourcing, due diligence, monitoring and liquidation of distressed investments in ABL deals, ABL hedge funds and life settlements.

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  • We need to help SMEs not only survive the current pandemic, but thrive in the future.

  • As the coronavirus pandemic continues to intensify, and businesses previously deemed healthy struggle to survive, the need for the adoption of new technology has never been more apparent.

  • Not only has the loss of income been devastating for many SMEs, but those businesses that are able to reopen in some capacity now face significant costs to ensure they can operate safely, putting a further strain on business finances.