Chris Gure

Financial Consultant at Fortress Financial Partners and 2 other companies
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In addition to being a former nominee for Fidelity's President's Circle Award representing the top one percent of advisors, Chris has also been recognized by the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants for fostering public confidence in the financial industry. He's also been an active volunteer with the Junior Achievement program to help promote financial literacy to students in grades K-12.

The firm he works for, Fortress Financial Partners, serves professionals, high-net-worth families, and business owners. It delivers comprehensive wealth planning services and investment management through leading-edge, web-based technology.

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  • First, turn the TV off and unplug your computer. Your first day investing isn’t going to result in the beginning of your run as the next Warren Buffett. Look at the market over a long period of time (ideally YOUR investment horizon). Does it still make you nervous? It’s okay if it does, that just means you need to find a more balanced investment strategy.

    Remember this - you can’t choose your investment returns. Too often we see people starting with their desired returns. Returns are simply a consequence of investing decisions.

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