Chris Knapp

Managing Director, Principal at Robertson Stephens, LLC
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Chris Knapp is the Managing Director and the Principal at Robertson Stephens, LLC. One of the highlights of his 36+ year career in the investment advisory business is working with and getting to know extraordinary families across North America whose often anonymous commitment to civic leadership and engagement has meaningfully defined the cities they call home. At Robertson Stephens his role is to take the philosophy that these families have embodied throughout the years and implement it into their ESG investment advisory strategies.

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  • The sort of exposure to community banking gave me an awareness of the power of inclusion. In other words, when you bring people into the system of for-profit business and capitalism, it's transformational. I believe there are people, perhaps like me, who have similar training as me, who feel very passionately or a sense of urgency about the power of for-profit investment to solve for these issues. We hope we that we will attract their attention, and if there's a fit there in terms of growing our practice, we'd like very much to do that.

    13 October 2021
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    13 October 2021
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