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Chris Ratigan | Vice President of Business Development at Monterey Financial Services
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Chris Ratigan, Financial Expert and VP of Business Development at Monterey Financial Services, LLC (
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CHRIS RATIGAN, Financial Expert
Vice President of Business Development, Monterey Financial Services, LLC

Chris Ratigan is the Vice President of Business Development for Monterey Financial Services, which specializes in alternative B2C financing solutions that help its clients increase their sales and cash flow. Unlike traditional lenders, Monterey Financial Services supports businesses seeking unique financing options such as consumer financing programs, loan servicing, and debt recovery solutions.
In his role, Chris supports business development for Monterey to help the sales team find and develop key relationships that will lead to new client segments and markets for the company. His ability to look for creative opportunities that differentiate from what competitors are doing has led to a number of strategic partnerships that have grown annual finance sales significantly. He led Monterey through its first acquisition in 2017, which added a substantial new business line, and he actively works on new industries and B2B ventures to increase Monterey’s revenue by expanding its markets, products, and client base.
With an influx of various Fintech programs entering the market over the last ten years, Chris believes that companies with long-term success are those that understand the importance of performance and compliance to ensure longevity for their clients.

Chris’s professional experience has always been centered in sales and in the past 20 years he has serviced a number of industries. Chris is a graduate of California State University, San Marcos, where he majored in Business, Finance. He is currently engaged and looks forward to getting married in 2022.

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    Chris Ratigan | Vice President of Business Development