Chris Young

President & Co-Founder at Clubhouse Media Group
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Chris is a transactional lawyer by trade, brand operator and pre-seed round investor. He has been instrumental as an operator in the pre-seed and seed stages of seven startups with three profitable exits. He has also co-founded one of the largest California based Cannabis companies on the OTC public markets and raised over $50MM+ of pre-seed and seed capital for startups.

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  • Perry is an iconic figure in the entertainment and media landscape and a genuine thought leader in the field of mission-driven mass media. Having him on board is a game changer, given his depth and breadth of knowledge and experience, as well as his monumental industry access.

    18 June 2021
  • The industry is constantly changing. It's often hard to have long term strategies. There's this constant need for for pivots and changes to our model of execution. Adapting our business model to encompass that is probably the single largest threshold that we try to overcome.

    18 June 2021
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