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VP, People at Plex
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Christa Foley is vice president, people at streaming media platform Plex. Before Plex, she spent 16 years at as the Senior Director of Brand Vision & Culture and Head of Talent Acquisition where she helped grow the team from 80 to 5,000 across multiple locations. Christa was inspired to join the Plex team as their belief in and commitment to company culture is similar to Zappos’ and because Plex is a customer-centric team with a culture focused on kindness and respect for all. For Christa “culture matches” are the most important part of hiring because employees that are aligned with a company’s values will be engaged and happy. Not only is it the right thing to do for your people, it ultimately leads to better results for your business.

For her first eight years at Zappos, she was a part of creating the core values, building the recruiting function and team and developing a core value interview assessment. Later, she also worked with Zappos Insights where her job was to share the Zappos culture with the world, as many people, from individuals to small business owners to big business, expressed interest in wanting to not only know what Zappos did, but also how they did it. The last part of her career at Zappos she co-held the Zappos Brand Vision role with late CEO, Tony Hsieh.

Specialties: Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Company Culture, Brand Vision, Core Values, Customer Service, Training, Candidate Experience, Human Resources, HR, Culture Sharing, Culture Fit, Culture Alignment, Onboarding, Employer Branding, Social Media

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