Christian Espinosa

Managing Director at Cerberus Sentinel
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I’ve worked in cybersecurity since the early 90s as a military officer, trainer, consultant, and leader. I started Alpine Security in 2014 to change the cybersecurity status quo and bring common sense to the industry. I’m currently the CEO of Alpine Security. I have over 25 cybersecurity certifications, am a certified high-performance coach, NLP practitioner, and more. I’ve taught cybersecurity courses to thousands all over the world. I’m a doer, not a talker. I like big talk, personal development, risky activities that require a waiver, Top Gun, Point Break, Nightwish, Kona, volcanoes, Ironman, Topo Chico, travel, and adventure.

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  • One of the biggest challenges facing ICS and SCADA systems is that they are no longer on isolated networks – they are basically connected to the internet, although typically ‘firewalled’ off. This greatly increases risk associated with a vulnerability.

    20 April 2021
  • A VPN provides secure communication [encryption] and authentication, and some minor endpoint security, but it isn't enough, especially if the endpoint that is VPNing into the corporate environment is a personal device.

    20 April 2021
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