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Head of Real Estate Services at Better Mortgage
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Christian has professional experience with a demonstrated history of working in the mortgage, real estate and insurance industry. She is a strong sales professional skilled in negotiation, customer service, sales and strategic planning.

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  • The postponement may provide lenders a bit more breathing room. For the borrowers, this delay could mean the opportunity to avoid incurring the surcharge fee. Borrowers who miss the deadline to lock their rate will likely incur a 0.5% surcharge fee to refinance mortgages.

    21 April 2021
  • Some people lock the same day they put in an application. Or it may take a couple of days because they're trying to make a decision on whether they want to refinance or not.

    21 April 2021
  • The market was responding to a couple key factors of economic growth — and good news for the economy usually means higher mortgage rates. Much of the economy’s recovery depends on that rollout, so its progress is likely to push rates up.

    21 April 2021
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