Christopher McGregor

CEO & Co-founder at Vesto
On the record

Christopher McGregor is CEO and co-founder of Vesto, a multi-token protocol for decentralized services.
Prior to co-founding Vesto, Christopher was the Vice President of Engineering for Telemac Corporation, where he developed and launched Pay & Go with O2. With more than 20 million mobile handsets sold, Telemac became the most successful pre-paid mobile solutions in the UK. In 2004, he became the co-founder and Vice President of Engineering for Validus Technologies Corporation, where he developed the biometric technology that powered the VALIDcard™. Christopher conceptualized and developed multiple technologies including BT Cellnet's (O2) original Pay & Go, QoS (sold to Root Metrics)/ QoE solutions for 3G / 4G LTE mobile, mobile authentication for the U.S. Federal Government, the first pre-production prototypes of the world’s first ISO biometric powered card (now being offered by MasterCard internationally).
A full stack engineer and serial entrepreneur who has held various other CTO and Senior Software Engineer roles, he is a named inventor on numerous issued patents and patents pending in the areas of biometric authentication, QoS (Quality of Service) for 3G, OIS (Open Internet Security) for 3G, mobile payments, social commerce, and dynamic marketing automation.

Recent Quotes
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  • "The total combined assets globally are $270 trillion, with twenty-percent of that being tokenized over the next five years. Stably has a TAM of $54 trillion in just five years! We are excited and honored to play a core protocol level infrastructure role with Stably!"
    Christopher McGregor, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Co-Founder.

  • Partnering with Oldham Global has opened up many market verticals that can immediately benefit from our always "on-chain" Smart Contracts with DeFi. The future of all financial services will be built around DeFi, which will deploy efficiently for financing pharmaceuticals for those in need! We very much look forward to working with Bill and his team."
    Christopher McGregor, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Co-Founder.

  • "While we have been successfully onboarding clients and beta testing for a number of months, going live on mainnet is a game changer and we are well placed to continue demonstrating our utility to the ecosystem via our comprehensive suite of services, including white label or a la carte options," said Christopher McGregor, CEO of Vesto. "This launch represents a turning point and provides validation for our meticulous work in building a comprehensive protocol that offers a truly end-to-end solution for decentralized financial services and countless use cases beyond."

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